What We Do

Untitled-1Stars For Artists was funded in 2001 with the sole purpose of aiding those that have the passion and talent for dance, but cannot afford it. Being based in Miami, Stars For Artists has helped fund the training along with dance and competition fees to dancers from Stars Dance Studio Co. This program has helped various families by covering dancer’s monthly fees, choreography, privates, competitions and costumes.

Stars For Artists believes in donating equally to all dancers, both boys and girls. Unfortunately, the art of dance is not considered by most to be a sport, so it becomes a struggle at times to attain monetary or moral support for it. With the economic crisis that has been felt worldwide, programs such as the arts have been cut back from educational institutions. Dance for low-middle income families can be seen as a luxury rather than an investment towards a life-fulfilling journey.

We provide education through the art of dance. Dance is a form of expression. It lets you be yourself. Your donations will aid the journey of these young dancers. If you would like to make a difference in a young dancer’s life, please send a check to-


Stars For Artists, Inc.
3800 SW 137th Ave.
Miami, FL 33175
Email: Starsforartist@gmail.com